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Macabre Beauty - Ram's Skull

Macabre Beauty - Ram's Skull

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I’ve started a Macabre Beauty Series. It’s basically going to be skulls with flowers. I want to take something that is representative of death and the unknown and add some life and beauty to it.  Everyone dies, so why are we so afraid of death? Myself included. Is it just a fear of the unknown? Does our soul know something that our current body can’t possibly understand? IS there anything after this life or just eternal nothingness? Ok, I better stop before I freak myself out.

This is the second piece in the series, with the first being A Beautiful Mind.

As of now, I have the original for sale. Which is 12”x 18” with a golden metal frame and a matte. The picture itself was created from a mixture of marker, pencil, ink, and watercolor.

Maybe you just want the picture but don’t want the original? Well, I got ya. I have prints available in a variety of sizes and prices. Check it out!

NOTE: I've edited the images to be as close to the original color of the piece as possible. Your monitor/screen may affect how the image looks (but with today's technology I wouldn't worry about it too much).

Return Policy

**If you receive your original art and are unhappy, have a change of heart, or the piece is damaged then you may return it within 45 days of purchase for a full refund. I will send you a prepaid box to return the item and upon the successful return of the item, your payment will be refunded. Anything outside of the initial 45-days will only be eligible for credit towards another piece or custom original piece.

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