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MFM Quote: I love lying

MFM Quote: I love lying

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Have you listened to the insanely popular podcast, My Favorite Murder? I’m going to guess that you most likely have and if not - THEN GET BUSY LISTENING! One of the host’s, Karen Kilgariff, is like my spirit animal. She inspires me to be authentic and when the occasion calls for - bitchy. I found this quote from her on Twitter while doing my research for the mysterious story of Kaspar Hauser. It connected so well with the story that I had to write it down and create something out of it. It’s not my usual style but I was compelled to try something new.

This quote was done on heavy duty paper, with markers and micron pens. I did the lettering 100% by hand (which was kinda tricky but I think it turned out okay). It is 9”x 12” and I am planning on putting it a simple, slim black frame. Things have been somewhat hectic and I haven’t made it to the store to pick up a frame - I’ll get there soon though!

I am excited to announce that I now offer print-on-demand services directly through my site. Though my Society6 and Redbubble shops are still up and thriving. For a complete list of the items offered in my shops CLICK HERE.

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