Panic Among Us


Panic Among Us Eco Tote - 2 Types

Panic Among Us Eco Tote - 2 Types

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How is it that I have been doing this website for a year now and I don’t have anything swag with my brand name on it? What the hell man! (I casually say to myself in a mock upset tone.)

I love these tote because they are made so fucking well!

  • 100% certified organic cotton

  • Light weight

  • 2” straps

  • A large compartment, in BOTH sizes, that is great for anyone that needs to carry anything. These are so great for teachers - my Mom uses one as a substitute teacher/school nurse. She can fit everything she needs in it and gets constant compliments.

The white/creme color comes in both the medium size and the extra large size. The black ONLY COMES IN EXTRA LARGE. I apologize for that. I am hoping that the service I use to print all of my products will have the black bag available in the smaller size soon.

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