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Red Roses

Red Roses

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This piece doesn’t actually have a backstory. To put it plainly - I like roses. I like drawing roses. Bing - Bang - Boom. That’s it!

So the original of this piece is not for sale but prints (with or without a frame), mugs, and tote bags are available. I created the original with a combination of marker and colored pencil. It was drawn 100% by hand then replicated to make these four roses.

Return Policy

**If you receive your original art and are unhappy, have a change of heart, or the piece is damaged then you may return it within 45 days of purchase for a full refund. I will send you a prepaid box to return the item and upon the successful return of the item, your payment will be refunded. Anything outside of the initial 45-days will only be eligible for credit towards another piece or custom original piece.

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