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The Eye is in the Beauty - Prints

The Eye is in the Beauty - Prints

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I took the saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” quite seriously with this piece. My thinking was this; why not create something that puts the eye within something universally beautiful.

Eye meets flower. I just love putting eyeballs in the middle of flowers also, weird but fun.

This art in particular is one of my favorites because I drew this directly onto an antique page from a pocket dictionary (the dictionary dates to 1867, roughly 4.5”x 6”). Can you smell the age of the book through your screen? I wish I could bottle that old book smell. It is my feeling that by adding new ink to these old pages I can breathe new life onto its surface.

The frame itself is basic wood and the art is pressed tightly between two panes of glass. I chose this exact frame because I wanted the frayed and weakened edges of the paper to be clearly visible. If only this page could talk and tell us what it has seen in this world.

I am so excited to announce that I now offer print-on-demand products straight from this site! Though my Society6 and RedBubble shops are still open and thriving.

*NOTE: I’ve edited the images to be as close to the original color of the piece as possible. Your monitor/screen may affect how the image looks (but with today’s technology I wouldn’t worry about it too much). This picture will need to be placed out of direct sunlight because the sunlight will make it fade and ruin.

**If you receive your original art and are unhappy, have a change of heart, or the piece is damaged then you may return it within 45 days of purchase for a full refund. I will send you a prepaid box to return the item and upon the successful return of the item your payment will be refunded. Anything outside of the initial 45-days will only be eligible for credit towards another piece or custom original piece.

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