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The Houska Devil

The Houska Devil

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My most devilish piece thus far - what do you think? This art was inspired by a paranormal and creepy history story that I have been researching (You can read about it HERE!) about The Houska Castle. A reported “Gateway to Hell” with demons, hybrids, and everything hellish that emerges at night to carry off the locals and drag them screaming and writhing into this “bottomless pit”.

With such a sinister history and paranormal activity I wanted to create something to showcase this evil that has lasted through the centuries. The castle dates back to the 13th century so yes, literally centuries these stories have been around.

I nailed the creep-factor 100%, right? A half-woman, devilish beast that is cloaked in a heavy dark robe. So, I know that some people will be weary of this piece because of it’s connection to hell but in my personal opinion - the symbols that tend to coincide with “Hell” only have as much power as you give them. This was created to just be cool art that was inspired by a cool story.

To make this dark piece, I used a simple cheap-o black pen. Yep, that’s it. I didn’t break out my fancy Micron pens or anything - just regular pen on mixed media, medium weight paper. The picture itself is matted to 8”x 10” and the outside dimensions of the frame are 16”x 20”. The actual frame is a simple faux wood with an ever-so-faint trace of wood grain. A beaded border accentuates the mat.

It is signed and ready to be hung up via small hooks on the back. It would be best if this art were placed out of direct sunlight because the light can cause the ink to yellow and fade.

NOTE: I've edited the images to be as close to the original color of the piece as possible. Your monitor/screen may affect how the image looks (but with today's technology I wouldn't worry about it too much).

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**If you receive your original art and are unhappy, have a change of heart, or the piece is damaged then you may return it within 45 days of purchase for a full refund. I will send you a prepaid box to return the item and upon the successful return of the item, your payment will be refunded. Anything outside of the initial 45-days will only be eligible for credit towards another piece or custom original piece.

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