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The Husband Did it Bags - 3 Types

The Husband Did it Bags - 3 Types

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Do you know the number one thing that I have learned from my true crime obsession?

That the husband always fucking does it. Well, at least like 98% of the time anyway.

With these bags you can showcase that murderino knowledge.

There are three bags to choose from:

  • The Eco Cotton tote. Made with 100% certified organic cotton. It is large enough to carry all of the essentials. Whether you’re taking a trip to the beach, going to the farmers market to get some kick-ass homemade goodies, or just carrying all of your shit to and from the office. My Mom personally loves this style of bag because she can carry all of her nursing supplies (she’s a school nurse). This one only comes in the color shown

  • The black larger tote bag. 100% spun polyester fabric. It is not the exact same as the Eco Tote bag and only comes in black. This bag is larger than the first one and is so great if you are hauling your kids around this summer to their various activities. Love love love it!

  • And for the finale, we have a backpack. School will be starting up again soon so why not grab a bag. Probably not suitable for your elementary student but a budding true crime enthusiast in say, middle school or high school might appreciate it. It is made of 100% polyester, is water resistant, and easy to clean. It has various pockets and is just a great bag.

If you love these bags please share them! Let everyone know just how guilty the husband usually is.

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