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The Dover Demon


I research these topics in my spare time so I can share what I am passionate about with others. I'm a stay-at-home-Mom who homeschools three children - this website is not my #1 priority. I like to add my own thoughts while I'm writing and keep it conversational throughout each piece. I like to keep things "light and fun", even when discussing dark subjects like true crime. I agree that my writing style is not for everyone and I apologize if you don't like it. All the opinions expressed in the following piece are my own. And yes, sometimes I use Wikipedia as a source but never solely.

Thanks for reading!

Have you ever been in the woods at night? Have you caught a glimpse of something as it flitted from your vision?

At 10:32 pm on April 21, 1977, three teenagers came face to face with something straight out of a nightmare.

This nightmarish creature was gray, had a large watermelon shaped head, spindly arms and legs, with large hands and feet. The peach-colored skin was hairless and appeared to have a rough “sand-paper” like quality. But its face was the most striking thing – there was no mouth, nose, or ears, just two large glowing eyes starring at them in the darkness.

The first of the teens to actually witness the monster was 17-year-old William “Bill” Bartlett. He said that he saw it “standing on a wall…It was not a dog or a cat. It had no tail.” He would go on to say that it reminded him of the starving children he had seen pictures of from Africa, with the swollen distended bellies. The sighting only lasted a few seconds and the boys were shaken by the experience.

Upon his return home, Bill’s father noticed that his son was upset and did what most parents would do – be concerned and ask questions. They sat and talked about the event for most of the night. Bill even drew his father a picture.

Bartlett’s Sketch

Bartlett’s Sketch

I, Bill Bartlett, swear on a stack on Bibles that I saw THIS creature.
— William "Bill" Bartlett

That same night the creature was spotted again by 15-year-old John Baxter. John was walking his girlfriend, Cathy Cronin, home through the forest around midnight (just an ordinary creepy stroll through the forest – at midnight - no biggie). The walk to Cathy’s home was typical and nothing out of the ordinary happened. But the return walk was very different.

Baxter Sketch

Baxter Sketch

As John is making his way down the road, probably with a skip in his step and a whistle on his lips, he sees what he mistakes as his neighbor – M.G. Bouchard, who lives down the street from him. He calls out to his neighbor but gets no response. He walks faster to try and catch up and stops in his tracks. When he was 15-30 feet from this “thing” he said he got a better look and knew for sure that it wasn’t his neighbor. It starred at him with large glowing eyes, it had tendril-like fingers. He described the head as having a “figure-eight” type shape. The feet were molded perfectly to the rock that it was standing on. Whatever this was it scared John so badly that he “[walked] very fast” down the road to his house.

Thankfully, he was picked up by a neighbor and driven the rest of the way home.

This gray monster was seen one more time on April 22 at midnight. Abby Brabham, a 15-year-old, was in the car with Will Taintor on their way home. In the pitch black of the night she saw something on the road ahead of them. Supposedly they both witnessed this monster but Abby got a better look. She described it as having a large head with no facial features except for abnormally large glowing eyes. She said the body looked tan in color and it was crouched in the road.

Over the years there have been various explanations. Maybe it was a gray alien? Some people speculated that it was a foal or baby moose that had been misidentified (I feel like that’s quite a leap. Neither of those looks anything like a gray). There has been a high concentration of UFO activity in the area – maybe it was a standard alien?

Loren Coleman, a well-known cryptozoologist from Maine, has some thoughts on the sightings. He says that the sightings are coming from reputable sources so there should be credit given to the witnesses. They obviously saw something. Coleman spoke to all of the eye witnesses within one week of the sightings and came to the conclusion that it was not a Chupacabra, Sasquatch, aliens, or goblin sightings. He believes that the “Dover Demon”, as it came to be known, was an entirely new cryptid!

“It’s almost as if there are certain areas that “collect” sightings, almost in a magnetic way” – Dover could be one of those places, says Coleman.

Drawing of a Mannegishi

Drawing of a Mannegishi

This area of the country is widely known for unusual and mysterious sightings. There has been rumors of the devil riding through the forest on horseback as far back as the 1600’s. There have been rampant stories of buried treasure. Stories of small trickster half-humans called Mannegishi, are said to roam the area. They are said to be small and gangly. Out of all the possibilities this sounds the closest to me. What do you think?

Overall, I think all of those people did actually see something. What did they see? I don’t know. This is probably one of those cases where we will never have a solid answer and there will always be crazy speculations and rumors.

It does make for a good camp fire story nevertheless.

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